A different kind of proposal

When Rochelle’s husband proposed in 2015, he didn’t exactly propose in the traditional way. Rather than offering a ring, Babak proposed with the promise of two $1,000,000 donations to the charities of Rochelle’s choice. Yes, you did read that correctly, a two million dollar donation to charity!

Rochelle’s sister Vianna was diagnosed with MS after the birth of her fourth child. Rochelle and her sister have always been close and Rochelle has been of one of her sister’s biggest supporters over the last few years. And so, with this incredible proposal and donation, Rochelle named MS Research Australia as one of the recipients of a $1,000,000 donation.

It has been our pleasure to get to know this wonderful family of the last 2 years. We like to think of Rochelle as a bit of a super woman. She is the owner of several Laser Clinics Australia locations, she is active, she is a mum to two boys – and she is renovating her house! On top of all this she has found time to become an Ambassador for Kiss Goodbye to MS.

Rochelle is passionate about supporting research into MS to advance the knowledge around treatments. Like us, she dreams of finding a cure.

If Rochelle isn’t a superwoman… we don’t know what is!