How to fundraise (and have fun) virtually!

The world may be in limbo, but we certainly won’t stop raising funds for MS research.

The ‘virus-that-shall-not-be-named’ completely turned our lives upside down, and we’ve all had to learn to adjust to our new norm. Who would have guessed that 2020 would have turned out the way it has? Not us!

Right now we’re all anticipating the day on which we can travel again, don’t have to worry about getting sick and juggling work life with home schooling our kids, give our grandparents the biggest hug and can socialise with friends and family into the early hours without any restrictions.

When that day comes, MS will still be here. The 25,600 Australians living with MS will still need better prevention tools, treatments and a cure for MS. And although a lot of things have come to a halt, fundraising for MS research won’t – not on our watch! We now need your help more than ever to keep up the momentum to continue accelerating world-class research into multiple sclerosis.

We know it can be a little tricky to come up with an idea in the current climate, so we’ve brainstormed a few virtual fundraising ideas for you to make it easy and fun! These will keep you from breaking any social-distancing rules and allow you to safely keep raising funds for MS research – check them out below or register here if you already have an idea! 👇🏾


💋 Birthday Fundraiser

Birthday fundraiser’s have become increasingly popular and we absolutely love it! This year, ask your friends and family to make a donation to MS research in lieu of gifts. You can make it extra fun by suggesting that they donate the same amount as your age, e.g. turning 34, donate $34!


💋 Cooking Class

From Banana Bread to Dalgona Coffee (we know you tried it), we can all agree that the one good thing that came out of the ‘virus-that-shall-not-be-named’ was the birth of many Masterchefs!

Why not use your brand new skills and host an virtual cooking class for your friends via an online platform like Zoom? A small donation can count as the entry free to your exclusive cooking class!


💋 Crafts

From colouring books to knitting – craft activities also took off during lockdown.

If you have a knack for creating goodies, make a bunch and sell it to others! Whether it be jewellery, handbags, face masks, beanies…you name it!


💋 Dog Walking

Puppers, doggos, floofers or whatever you like to call them – dogs have got to be one of the top 10 best things to ever exist.

Get in some exercise and offer to walk your neighbour’s dog by popping a flyer in their letter box and asking for a donation in exchange for your service.


💋 Endurance Challenge

A lot of us have the odd ‘iso-kilo’ or two we want to shed, so why not challenge yourself to complete a certain amount of exercise reps per day? It can be 50 squats, 30 push-ups, 5kms a day…anything!

Look after your physical and mental well-being by staying active and asking your friends and family to support your challenge for MS research.


💋 Happy Hour

Host a virtual cocktail making class for your besties on a Friday night! You can send the ‘menu’ ahead of time so that your guests can prepare the ingredients and get set up for a night of fun. Simply charge a small fee or leave it as a free event and encourage donations to MS research as the night goes on.


💋 Head/beard shave

Whether you are bored or just up for a change – get rid of those luscious locks for life-changing MS research and ask your networks to sponsor your bold move, literally!

We recommend live streaming the big chop via Facebook and/or Instagram, so your friends and family can still be a part of the fun from a distance.


💋 Fitness Class

Attention all Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Strength and HIT instructors!

Host an online workout session for your friends and family and charge a small attendance fee to raise funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS. This is an awesome way to do what you love and stay active with your friends whilst supporting MS research.


💋 Gala goes Pyjama

Pyjama’s have become the new go-to look and we can’t say we are mad about it! In saying that, why not invite your friends and family to a pyjama party for MS research via an online platform like Zoom in honour of a glamorous gala night. You can raise funds through raffles, auctions, donations and include interactive activities to make it fun and keep your guests engaged (e.g. live Q&A’s, trivia, speeches).


💋 Kiss Goodbye to…

Even though 2020 didn’t quite turn out the way we expected, we can still achieve AMAZING things!

Seize this opportunity and give up something you LOVE (e.g. coffee, fast food, smoking, drinking) for a month and ask your friends to sponsor you. Document your progress to keep your friends updated!


💋 Marketplace

Take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and start clearing out those items that don’t spark any joy! Declutter, take a photo of your goodies and post to your social media channels and/or use Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Etsy, Amazon or Catch to sell your items and raise vital funds for MS research!


💋 Netflix Party

Chances are you’ve been binge watching shows like Tiger King alone, so how about organising an intimate watch party with friends? To raise funds for MS research, you can charge a movie ticket entry fee for being the host – let’s be real, organising popcorn and bubbly comes with a huge responsibility!

If you are over the dramas of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, the world (Netflix) is your oyster!


💋 Paint & Sip

If you didn’t channel your inner Jaimie Oliver during the past couple of weeks, you most likely channeled your inner Bob Ross with a few paint sessions. It’s also very likely that you had a few glasses of wine to go with it…so why not make this a fundraiser? 😉

You can either choose a subject, get everyone to choose their own idea or you can follow the same online video if restricted to staying at home. Take your pick!

Simply ask for a donation to participate and perhaps even auction off the final paintings.


💋 Trivia night

Why did we stop doing Zoom Trivia Nights? 😅 Let’s bring back some friendly (at times) competition! Gather groups of 2, set up a Zoom meeting and get playing! You can charge a small entry fee for the entertainment and encourage donations throughout the night.

To make it extra fun, add a theme to the night and encourage your friends to dress up, give out awards for best dressed and smartest team etc. – get creative!


💋 Wear red lippy for a month

It makes sense that this is one is on the list, don’t you think?
With most of us still working from home, wearing any form of make up almost seems like a distant memory. Bring a pop of colour (and normality) into your day and wear your favourite red lippy every day for a month! Ask your friends to sponsor you and take some fierce selfies with the #KissGoodbyeToMS hashtag along the way.


We hope we left you feeling inspired and excited for your next fundraiser, Kiss Fam…it sure has sparked a fundraising fire in our bellies!

To get started, simply set up your online fundraising page on our website here. If you need help nutting out details for any of the above ideas or would like to chat about your own idea, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 1300 785 717 or [email protected]. We LOVE exploring fundraising ideas! 😊