Fastway Couriers host a fundraising BBQ

Fastway Couriers is one of the amazing Kiss Goodbye to MS corporate partners. Not only do they support us during our busiest time of the year, throughout May, but they also decided to host a Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraising barbecue in their depot!

The barbecue was a great way to combine a warm lunch for all their couriers, with raising important funds for ongoing research into MS. Fastway Couriers dressed up one of their LDV Vans with balloons, eyelashes, and red lips to strengthen their message of support and to create a great photo opportunity. The barbecue was a big success, as the Fastway couriers enjoyed their lunch, dressing up for a few photos, and generously donated to Kiss Goodbye to MS.

Kiss Goodbye to MS is very lucky to have amazing partners who keep supporting us with all their efforts. Throughout May, Fastway pack all of our merchandise items and organise shipping from their depot. Not only does this free up space in our office, but it lightens our work load meaning that we can focus on our fundraisers! This pro bono support saves us a huge amount of administration costs, meaning that more money is available for research into MS.

We couldn’t do it without you and really appreciate your involvement – so thank you!