Fastway Couriers support Kiss Goodbye to MS in 2017

Fastway Couriers are back for another year to support Kiss Goodbye to MS during our busiest time of the year – the May rush! By offering us their couriering services free of charge, Fastway save Kiss Goodbye to MS approximately $10,000 in administration costs – which means more money is available for fundraisers and research into MS. Plus, the Kiss Goodbye to MS office get to see our lovely courier Tao every day – it’s a win all round!

As if this wasn’t enough, Fastway also host one of our fave fundraising events of the year – the Fastway BBQ of course! In May the Fastway team host a fantastic lunch, dress up and get into the fundraising spirit whilst raising money for MS research. The Kiss Goodbye to MS team attend each year and always have a ball!

We really don’t know what we would do without the support of our pro-bono partners, such as Fastway, and we are so grateful. A HUGE thank you to all the Fastway team- they always deliver!