Five minutes with Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassador, Rochelle Collis

Rochelle Collis is one of our Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassadors. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Rochelle, who shared her personal experience after her older sister was diagnosed with MS.

Tell us about yourself…

I am the busy mum of two boys and am engaged to Babak Moini one of the cofounders of Laser Clinics Australia. I live a hectic life between work and family, but am more than willing to give time and energy to MS Research Australia.

Why are you so passionate about supporting research into MS?

I am the middle of three sisters. Like all young people we thought we were invincible growing up, sadly that wasn’t to be the case. When my sister Vianna was diagnosed with MS, I didn’t fully comprehend the impact it was going to have – not only on my sister but on our family and friends. Everything seemed well managed and under control until after the birth of her fourth child. My family and I were all shocked by her significant relapse after the arrival of my nephew. This stirred a strong interest in MS especially for me.

I am passionate about contributing to research into MS so that my sister and all others living with MS may benefit from research which can improve and expand knowledge and treatment – perhaps even find a cure.

How would a world free of MS change your life?

A world free of MS would be any Ambassador’s goal. Personally I want to improve my sister’s life so she can fully enjoy her family.