A friendship worth going to the top of the world

When Lauren Hunt was diagnosed with MS it wasn’t just her world that shook. While Lauren came to terms with her diagnosis, her family and friends all went through the journey with her. For Lauren’s best friend Tanya Calder, it was a bit of shock to realise that her friend is not invincible. A few years down the track and inspired by Lauren’s strength and determination, Tanya and her hubby Ro have decided to raise funds for research into the disease that makes their best friend’s life so unpredictable.

We often joke about all the different ways you can raise funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS – swim for 12 hours straight, cycle across the country or jump out of plane… But Tanya and Ro have taken us at our word. They have decided to go all in and throughout October this husband and wife team are hiking through the Himalayas to raise funds for research into MS.

Leaving their kids at home, they are currently climbing 6,476m to the top of Mera Peak in Nepal. “To be honest it scares me to think that we’ll be trekking through Nepal and climbing to the top of Mera Peak… but it’s nothing compared to what my amazing bestie Loz and the 23,000 Australians have to embark on every single day sealing with MS,” said Tanya.

Tanya and Ro are almost halfway through their journey, and they have raised an incredible $12,500 for Kiss Goodbye to MS.

This incredible story of friendship has reminded us of the reach that a diagnosis with MS has. It is not just the person who is diagnosed whose world is thrown upside down, it impacts their family, their kids and their best friends. And how lucky is Lauren to have a bestie willing to go to the top of the world for her?! We think Lauren summed it up pretty well with her Instagram comment “You are my heroes”.

You can support Tanya and Ro here.