Facebook Fundraising… here’s how you do it!

Yes we agree, it’s tough to keep up with Facebook. Sometimes it feels like Zuckerberg announces a new functionality every week…

So, let’s take a closer look at our absolute favourite function – the Facebook fundraiser!

Our Kiss Goodbye to MS supporter Hannah made use of the new function and loved the easy set up and ability to directly invite her friends to donate. Hannah decided to ask for donations instead of presents for her birthday – the perfect way to make her birthday count. Because let’s be real, who needs another candle or boring voucher when you can swap basic birthday presents for birthday donations that will change the future treatment landscape of MS!

You can set up your fundraiser when you feel like it, or do it like Hannah and wait for Facebook to prompt you (this happens to anyone who’s listed their birthday on Facebook). Hannah set up a birthday fundraiser and selected “Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia” as the beneficiary… and off she went!

“Fundraising on Facebook has been very easy. I’ve been able to invite all my friends and family to donate. To anyone considering raising funds for MS research on Facebook, I would say that this is a great idea and a rewarding birthday present. “

All funds that you raise through Facebook go directly to MS Research Australia through an integration with the PayPal Giving Fund. Hannah raised an incredible $1,200 for life-changing MS research with her Facebook fundraiser, a present that will keep on giving as it allows us to accelerate life-changing research into multiple sclerosis.


Got a birthday coming up? Set up your Facebook fundraiser for your special day with these easy steps:

  1. Set up a fundraiser in the lead up to or on your birthday
  2. Follow the steps and select “Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia”

Don’t be alarmed by the missing logo or image, Facebook currently displays a blue placeholder icon for all Australian charities. You can be sure that all funds will come to Kiss Goodbye to MS!

  1. Share your fundraiser on your page and directly invite your friends to donate

You want to find out more? Get in touch with our team at and we’ll share all things Facebook fundraiser with you!