Another year, a very special World MS Day for us at Kiss Goodbye to MS! This year the world dedicated the annual day to MS research, putting a spotlight on much needed MS research and our extraordinary MS researchers. On World MS Day we stop for a second to acknowledge and emphasise the importance of the global efforts worldwide to increase funding for MS research and to put a stop to the disease. We know that working together will have a long lasting impact for people living with MS, as research is bringing us closer every day to finding better treatments, preventative measures and a cure for MS.

Our MS Squad flourished throughout the month and we saw people from around the globe come together to put on their game faces to stand by their loved ones who are living with MS. World MS Day was the highlight to what has been an incredible month, as we saw our MS community taking over social media by embracing their red lippies and game faces. People with MS put on their game face every single day, which is why this initiative is one so close to our hearts, raising awareness for the many invisible symptoms of the disease.

Over here in Down Under, our team at Kiss Goodbye to MS celebrated with some yummy nibbles and a glass of bubbles to celebrate the big day! We also announced the creative lab at The University of Technology, Sydney as the winner of the Battle of the Labs, taking home the much anticipated crown – well done guys! If you haven’t had a chance to check out their video, be sure to watch it here! You will be amazed by the creativity and thoughts that went into the videos to highlight the significant and invaluable work of our researchers!

Without their hard work and determination, we wouldn’t be were we are today. Research is the key to improving the life of people living with MS in all sorts of ways and the only hope to find a cure for MS. THANK YOU to all the remarkable MS scientists across the globe! Also, let’s not forget about you, our MS community and tireless supporters! Your efforts and fundraising allows us to fund more vital MS research, which constantly changes the landscape of MS – and one day will forever!

Until next year MS Squad, mark Wednesday 29th May 2019 in your calendar!