Jillian Kingsford Smith, a passionate author who’s dedicated to make a difference

All funds raised by Kiss Goodbye to MS go towards research projects funded by MS Research Australia. This ongoing research into MS wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful Ambassadors, who are dedicated to raise awareness for MS.

Jillian Kingsford Smith is one of our inspiring Kiss Goodbye to MS ambassadors. Working internationally as a journalist, Jillian was used to a very fast-paced life with a demanding career, when she was diagnosed with MS in 2012 at the age of 42. That’s when Jillian decided to make significant changes to her lifestyle, which helped her to accommodate her own symptoms.

Jillian is confident that her profession as a journalist has helped her through the process of accepting a life with MS, and she is dedicated to help like-minded people. As a result, Jillian started writing the book ‘Taking Control’, which became a best-seller within weeks, to help those newly diagnosed with MS. After her first publication, she continued to share her story and the journeys of her carers and supporters, in her new book ‘Taking Control Together’.

When Jillian is not busy writing, or raising awareness for MS as an ambassador for Kiss Goodbye to MS, she likes shoe shopping, story-telling and is addicted to coffee. Jillian is just one of our inspiring Ambassadors who work tirelessly to raise the profile of MS as a young womans disease.