In 2016 Kiss Goodbye to MS became a global success story, raising AU$1.45 million for research into MS. And in 2017 we are back! This year our global campaign involves 12 countries who come together for the same goal… to bring us closer to finding a cure for MS. Each country runs the campaign in their own way, but it doesn’t really matter if you say ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’, ‘Kys Sclerose Farvel’ or ‘Dire Adieu A La SEP’, it is the end goal that the whole world is now focused on!

So how can YOU get involved in the global effort to cure MS? Well, we are so glad you asked!

Join us on social media
Follow our global journey on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Show your support by uploading a picture with our campaign hashtag, #KissGoodbyeToMS. Get creative with your pictures… it might even be time to get the selfie stick out again!?

Make a donation
Donations to Kiss Goodbye to MS contribute to research into MS. We simply couldn’t do the work that we do without your support. Join our global campaign and make a donation here.

Purchase merchandise
We may be a little biased but we think our online shop is pretty awesome. We are selling stickers, pens, cosmetics bags, key rings, car stickers and phone covers. But our all time favourite item has the be the classic Kiss Goodbye to MS T Shirt. Visit our shop here.

Start your own fundraising page
This May we will be calling on our Kiss  Goodbye to MS supporters to raise funds in their own community. But why not get started nice and early? You can register to raise funds however you like… hold an event, wear red lippy for the month, hold a work place morning tea. The options are limitless! Find out more information on fundraising here.

No matter how you choose to fundraise, we are asking the whole world to fundraise to Kiss Goodbye to MS together!