Kiss Goodbye to MS has raised US $853,378 globally!

Since the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign has gone global in 2016, nine countries have launched their own campaigns including the US, France, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, Denmark, Ireland and New Zealand. The UK, Canada, Spain and India are currently developing their strategic approach and are planning to introduce Kiss Goodbye to MS in 2017.

The implementation of Kiss Goodbye to MS as a global initiative wasn’t without significant challenges, but the global success of Kiss Goodbye to MS across cultural and language barriers proves, that the campaign will continue to be a vehicle for generating much-needed research funding. We are excited to see Kiss Goodbye to MS be embraced further, with more countries joining next year.

So far, all countries have together raised an incredible US $853,378 for MS research already this year, and we are very close to hitting our US $1 million global target for 2016!

Not only are we increasing global awareness for multiple sclerosis, but the global adoption of the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign is crucial to increase MS research globally, to ultimately find a cure for MS. Together, we are taking on the world!