Kiss Goodbye to MS red lippy pictures taking over social media!

The Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful MS community. Not only do they come up with original and innovative fundraising ideas, and raise money for ongoing research into MS, they are also a really important part in spreading our message and raising awareness for MS.

If you follow Kiss Goodbye to MS on our social media, you would have come across many beautiful red lippy pictures of our ambassadors, MS community and celebrities this May. Taking a red lippy picture and using the #KissGoodbyeToMS is a great way to raise awareness for the disease and to spread our message nationally and internationally.

It’s not too late! To support the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign, simply get involved on social media through posting a photo wearing something red or wearing a red lippy and use the #KissGoodbyeToMS. A quick post can have a huge impact, especially if they are being posted all over the world!

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