Kiss Goodbye to MS Secret Garden

This past month in October, Kiss Goodbye to MS has had the pleasure of holding a stunning and exciting event, the ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS Secret Garden’. The Secret Garden event was a thank-you and fundraising event to acknowledge the wonderful MS community who regularly go above and beyond to raise money for vital research into MS.

It was a magical evening under the stars with guests including MS researchers, corporate supporters, Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassadors, fundraisers and supporters.

Celebrations took place at the beautiful Grounds in Alexandria, making it the perfect location suitable for the Secret Garden/cocktail theme. As you set foot in The Grounds, you encounter a calming, rustic urban garden vibe with a feeling of being on a rather glamorous farm. Even under rainy skies, the Grounds provided a mystic, intimate setting for guests who found themselves amongst lush gardens blossomed with beautiful flowers, fairy lights and the local resident animals.

The night kicked-off with Dr Fiona McKay talking about her life as a MS researcher in the field of MS genetics and the two most important goals of MS research – better therapies for progressive MS and to get to the bottom of what causes MS.

The Ride for a Cure guys, Henry and Ed, shared their unbelievable and hilarious experience of riding wild horses to raise vital funds for MS research by completing the Mongol Derby. Ed and Henry provided a moving insight into why it is so important to them and their families to fund MS research now and into the future. Cricketer Jemma Barsby, a Kiss Ambassador joined us from Brisbane. Jemma impressed and touched everyone by sharing her own experience of being diagnosed with MS at the age of 19 and the influence it has had on her as a professional athlete.

Delicious food and lovely beverages were consumed and exciting prizes were auctioned off. The night ended under the starry sky with a performance by Jelly Bean Jam, with lots of moving and shaking on the dance floor!

The event was the perfect opportunity to bring together and thank our Kiss Goodbye to MS supporters, putting names to both old and new faces. It was heart-warming to see everyone come together and share their stories firsthand. A big thank you to those that came along and for your ongoing support of Kiss Goodbye to MS!