Make red your colour?!

One of the easiest ways you can raise money for Kiss Goodbye to MS is by wearing something red! Take some inspiration from our Ambassador, Emma Giunti. Emma, who has lived with MS for over 7 years, will be wearing red clothes, red lipstick and red nails every day of May to raise funds for research into MS. Keep an eye on our Instagram for some amazing pics throughout May!

If you’re brave like Emma, you can dress head to toe in red. And if you’re downright crazy you can dye your hair bright red! But if you prefer something a little more subtle, you can simply add a hint of red to your outfit (red nails, red socks…) You can make your look as creative or as classic as you choose. And ladies, we know you love your red lippy but to all the gents out there – you’re not exempt! Raid your girlfriend’s/mum’s/sister’s make up drawer and pucker up*.

We can’t wait to see all your amazing red outfits: scarlet, crimson, coral, burgundy -whatever shade suits you. Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #KissGoodbyeToMS and rock that red!

*(Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for any husband’s pinching their wife’s fave lip gloss – ask permission first!)