Meet Glenn and Georgie

Glenn, who has MS, has supported MS Research Australia over a number of years, but this year he is doing something a little different. To his partner, Georgie’s delight, Glenn has decided to shave his beard to raise funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS, and his family and friends are supporting him. Glenn is just one of our inspiring fundraisers who have committed to raising awareness and funds throughout May to Kiss Goodbye to MS. Kiss Goodbye to MS allows the MS community to get involved however they like, from wherever they live.

Glenn and Georgie, from Victoria, are aiming to raise $1,000 for research into MS. Raising funds and awareness for MS research is a cause they are both passionate about, and Kiss Goodbye to MS provides the perfect platform to get involved.

Throughout May the MS community comes together to support Kiss Goodbye to MS. Some supporters go to great lengths to support the campaign, shaving beards, organising gala dinners or running marathons. But there are also simple, easy ways to get involved. Why not wear a touch of red for a week in May? Or hold a small get together with family and friends? Whatever you do to raise funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS, whether big, small or somewhere in between – every supporter brings us one step closer to solving MS.

There are a wide range of treatments for Relapsing Remitting MS. None are perfect, they all have side effects and risks and they don’t work for everyone. And none of these treatments are a cure. For progressive MS there are none currently available that can slow or stop the accumulation of disability – and this is simply not good enough.

Kiss Goodbye to MS increases the availability of funds for research into MS. Thank you to all of our supporters, whether you are fundraising, have made a donation, purchased merchandise or followed our journey on social med. We simply won’t get there without your support.

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