Megan’s big bucket list

Megan Healey is one of our inspiring long standing fundraisers. Megan was diagnosed with a very progressive form of MS, which brought many challenges with it. Before her diagnosis, Megan was always really active. She loved playing tennis, riding horses and didn’t mind getting out of her comfort zone – think skydiving and bungee jumping!

Although Megan’s MS has made a huge impact on her life, she doesn’t let herself be defined by her disability. She had the idea of challenging herself with a personal bucket list, to not only fight MS, but to also show her kids that she is still their fun and active mum. She successfully completed City2Surf last year, snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef, and rode a Jet Ski, swam from Palm Beach to Whale Beach in Sydney – and this is just naming a few of her adventures! This year Megan is challenging herself with abseiling, bushwalking, air ballooning and many more exciting activities.

Megan achieves her bucket list through the support of the MS community, and her close network of family and friends – who we at Kiss Goodbye to MS HQ call ‘Megan’s Crew’. Megan is determined to raise awareness for the importance of MS research and funds to find a cure. To date she has raised over $60,000! You can support Megan by assisting with activities that are on her bucket list, by donating to her Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraising page, or attending her 2016 High Tea fundraising event on 27th of May.

There are currently no available treatments for progressive MS, and this is simply not good enough. Together we can support ongoing research into MS to soon find better treatments for MS and eventually a cure to Kiss Goodbye to MS once and for all!