Kerrie Newton has turned us all into crazy candle ladies, and our office now permanently smells like lime and coconut (not that we’re complaining!). Her sweet little candles which she donates to Kiss Goodbye to MS, raising $4,263 last year (yep, that’s a lot of candles). Throughout May we will be selling Kerrie’s candles again, and with thanks to our courier partner Fastway, we will be able to offer free shipping on these babies!

But for Kerrie it is about more than just raising funds. Candle making is her way of connecting with the MS community and although she doesn’t know it, she has become an inspiration in the MS world.

Kerrie was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 2008. Having the more aggressive and less common form of the disease, Kerrie’s life has changed dramatically since she was diagnosed. And while she now does everything from a wheelchair, she is one of the brightest souls we have ever met. But it has taken alot of self love and time to become this radiant person that we know and love.

“When I was first diagnosed it was the worst time ever. I locked myself away. I didn’t want to talk to people, I didn’t want them to see me.” Kerrie said.

Far from hiding away, she has now become one of our spokes people for Kiss Goodbye to MS and shares her MS journey on social media. If you don’t already, follow her journey on Instagram for a little insight into her everyday life.

Kerrie says, “Seeing the work that MS Research Australia does makes me feel like we are in good hands. Like there’s someone looking after us.”


With arms we would kill for, Kerrie works hard to stay fit and healthy. She moves her body every day and practices mindfulness, reminding herself to stay in the present moment. Having Progressive MS, the future can be a scary place, and staying in the moment allows her to live a positive life.

Speaking with her friend Sandra the other day I said that we adore Kerrie, to which she replied, ‘Well, Kerrie is easy to adore’ – a simple sentence which sums her up perfectly.

To Kerrie and all the people with MS out there… you are in good hands. MS Research Australia is working hard to find a cure and better treatments for everyone with MS, and we know that the future will hold the answers.