Nick Hooper Rides for Kiss Goodbye to MS

Here at Kiss Goodbye to MS, we’re always looking for new ways to raise funds for research into MS. So when an email from Nick Hooper popped up in our inbox a couple of months ago, we were very excited. Nick informed us that he was fundraising for Kiss Goodbye to MS by participating in the international motorcycle event, Ride Sunday. Whilst we’ve had some absolutely awesome cyclists raise funds for our campaign over the years, this was set to be our first motorcycling event!

Ride Sunday is an international, one-day charity event that unites motorcyclists around the world. On 2nd July, riders hop on their bikes and ride to change the world. Everyone is encouraged to take part, meet new people and celebrate motorcycle culture, all whilst raising funds for charity.

Nick set himself a fundraising target of $10,000 – and he absolutely smashed it. Nick raised a grand total of $15,188 for Kiss Goodbye to MS. And, if this wasn’t impressive enough, he also finished the event atop the global fundraising leader board! Yep, that’s right, Nick was crowned the top Ride Sunday fundraiser of all international participants.

Nick was inspired to raise funds for the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign by his wife, Melinda, who was officially diagnosed with MS in 2007. As any family experiencing life with MS knows, the disease does not just affect the person diagnosed. At times, Nick felt frustrated that he couldn’t do anything to help Melinda as she worked through her treatments. Determined to Kiss Goodbye to MS, Nick decided to raise funds for vital research, which helps change the lives of people like his beautiful wife.

Nick and Melinda strongly rely on their support network and credit them for always being there to help them through this journey with MS, “I draw upon the strength and support of our friends and family, with them behind us, we’ve got this.”

We want to say a HUGE thank you and congratulations to Nick for raising such an incredibly figure for research into MS. This money will make such a huge impact into research into and help bring researchers one step closer to a cure for MS.

If you’re inspired by Nick and Melinda’s story, sign up to raise funds today and help us Kiss Goodbye to MS.