Nikki is ticking a few things off her bucket list

In 2013 Nikki decided it was time to tick a few things off her bucket list. The first – do a big walk. The second, to raise money for charity. Why not do both at once?! Nikki has raised almost $12,000 for Kiss Goodbye to MS, and as if that wasn’t enough, she has just completed a 3000km walk across New Zealand!

In September Nikki walked 3054km. She began her walk at Cape Regina in New Zealand and trekked all the way to The Bluff. For the most part, she travelled alone, although occasionally friends joined her over part of the journey.

So why a big walk? Nikki says she is walking to honour those who have walked a harder path that she has had to travel. Nikki describes her life as “very blessed”, but just quietly, we are pretty sure we’re the lucky ones to have such a dedicated and amazing woman supporting Kiss Goodbye to MS. You can support Nikki’s fundraising here.