Red Lab Coat Day 2016

Red Lab Coat Day is back! To mark the launch of our 2016 Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign, we held Red Lab Coat Day on the 29th of April. Red Lab Coat Day is a celebration of the work of MS researchers in Australia. We asked our MS researchers to swap their regular white lab coats for red Kiss Goodbye to MS lab coats and profile some of the incredible MS researchers we have in Australia.

The response to Red Lab Coat Day has been overwhelming with more than 160 researchers getting involved. Follow their adventures on Twitter here.  Red Lab Coat Day is an important awareness initiative that puts a face to some of the 850 MS researchers we have working to better understand MS.

You’re not a MS researcher? We still want you to be involved! Red Coat Lab Day is a social media event that aims to raise awareness of the importance of ongoing research into MS. It is the opportunity for our fundraisers, donors and supporters to say thank you to the wonderful MS researchers in Australia, who have dedicated their careers to accelerating research into MS. Thanks to them, finding a cure for MS is a matter of “when” not “if”. You can show your support by simply reposting a Red Lab Coat Day image, with a caption of what the work of our MS researchers means to you personally.

With the help of our amazing MS researchers and our supportive community, together we will Kiss Goodbye to MS once and for all!

This event is made possible with thanks to our partner, Bayer.