Meet Laura Elphick

Laura Elphick is one of our most long standing Kiss Goodbye to MS supporters. Laura’s mum Anne was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS 10 years ago. Ever since the diagnosis, her daughter has done everything she could to increase research into multiple sclerosis.

Laura has raised more than $60,000 for MS research to date which is incredible, but she shows no signs of stopping her efforts. Laura finds inspiration in Anne’s strength which she demonstrates in her daily life, not letting MS take her positive spirit! This year, Laura will participate in the Sydney City2Surf run for the 7th time whilst raising important funds for MS research.

Although the past few months have been very challenging and the family recently had to close their family business due to Anne’s weakened mobility, Laura and her family continued their fundraising efforts and have already raised an amazing $1784 for MS research this year!

Thank you for your ongoing support and tireless efforts of raising funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS Laura! With your help, we are getting one step closer to finding a cure for MS every day.