Tell me more about the global campaign

Look out world, we’re back! And we’re bigger than ever! In 2016 Kiss Goodbye to MS (our Aussie born and bread campaign) became a global success story, raising AU$1.45 million for research into MS. Our global campaign involves 12 countries who come together for the same goal… to bring us closer to finding a cure for MS. Each country runs the campaign in their own way, but it doesn’t really matter if you say ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’, ‘Kys Sclerose Farvel’ or ‘Dire Adieu A La SEP’, it is the end goal that the whole world is now focused on!

Ok, it sounds pretty good… but what exactly is it all about?
Kiss Goodbye to MS is the first global fundraising initiative! It brings together the international MS sector who unite with one simple, unified campaign. Collaborating with our international colleagues is an exciting opportunity to grow awareness for the need for MS research around the world.

Which countries are taking part?
There are 12 countries participating in 2017 – USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Greece France and of course Australia. Many countries are running their campaign in January through to February, while others will follow our lead and take part in May to mark World MS Day. Each country runs the campaign in their own way. In the UK, Kiss Goodbye to MS participants are being asked to ‘kiss goodbye to something’ – giving up something they can’t live without for the month and then sharing it on social media. In Spain, people are uploading videos to the Spanish MS Society website telling us why they want to kiss goodbye to MS, and in Denmark there will be a huge media push to coincide with a DIY fundraising campaign. While each country embarks on their own unique Kiss Goodbye to MS journey, the global MS community is more collaborative than anyone has seen before.

And why is this so important?
While we are pretty chuffed that our Aussie fundraising campaign has been embraced around the world, there is a much bigger reason why this is so important. Kiss Goodbye to MS raises funds for research into MS, meaning more money will be available for MS research internationally. Accelerating research into MS will lead us to our end goal – to find the cures for every type of MS. As well as funding research, our Aussie campaign has successfully engaged with young people who have MS and offers hope for a cure, and we are excited that this message will now resonate around the world.