Can you believe it? The May 50K is only 10 days away!

Get ready to leave your limits behind as you walk or run 50km to bring us closer to a cure for MS (multiple sclerosis).

Moving 50kms in one month might sound like a challenge, but we’ve got ten tips to help you get ready over the next ten days.

  1. Start small. As the proverb goes, the journey of 1000 miles (or 50KM) starts with a single step.
  2. Make sure you’ve got the right shoes. Your feet are going to clock up a few extra steps this May, so make sure your shoes fit well and are comfortable. Nobody wants to be dealing with blisters! If you’re moving your 50km another way, make sure whatever equipment you will be using is up to scratch.
  3. Plan. Not sure where to go? What happens if you miss a day? If you’ve got a plan to hit your target, small setbacks won’t mean much to you, and you’ll never have to worry about where you’ll be going.
  4. Recruit a friend. If you think you’ll get bored, encourage a friend to sign up and leave your limits behind, together.
  5. If you’ve got any little niggles or concerns, now is the time to get them checked out. Make sure you’re fit and healthy before you start your May 50K so you can focus on enjoying it.
  6. Break things down to smaller distances. If you don’t have time to do your full distance each day in one hit, break it up. You could do two shorter outings or clock up some kilometres in your lunch break.
  7. Remember to stretch. You don’t want to get stiff and struggle to move. Make sure you’re stretching and cooling down to keep your body in tip-top shape.
  8. Just start. If you’re having an off day and can’t find your motivation, tell yourself to just walk around the block. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll keep going. (But if you’re sick, take the time you need to rest and recover.)
  9. Celebrate your milestones. Each time you hit a milestone, give yourself a pat on the back. Or even just when you finish your kilometres for the day. You’re doing something amazing.
  10. Have fun!

Wherever you live, whatever your fitness level, you can decide when, where and how you will complete your 50 kilometres.

Every step you take, every kilometre you clock, takes us closer to finding a cure for MS.

You can do it by yourself, with friends or family or get together a team with your work colleagues.

Together we will change the future of MS and leave MS where it belongs, behind us.