Top 5 Kiss Goodbye to MS moments in 2016 – The ‘Tav to the Top’ team

To celebrate another amazing year we are counting down our top 5 moments that made up an incredible 2016!

Our all-time favourite ‘moment’ of the year, was following the ‘Tav to The Top’ journey. This journey began in 2015, when a group of men, we now know as the ‘Tav to the Top’ team decided they wanted to make a difference. They were inspired by their mate, who is living with MS, and committed to doing something to support research into MS. Someone suggested riding to the highest point in Australia, and despite none of these men ever really having cycled more than a few kilometres at one time, the idea stuck. Over five days and almost 500km, this incredible group of men cycled from Nowra on the NSW South Coast to Mount Kosciuszko.

The entire team made it to the top, and together they have raised just over $74,000 for Kiss Goodbye to MS. The ‘Tav to The Top’ team now sit pride of place as our top fundraisers for 2016, and what an incredible effort to get there.

The Tav to the Top team left North Nowra Tavern on Tuesday the 25th of October, facing 5 days of intense cycling for ever the most experienced cyclists.  They arrive at the highest point in Australia on Saturday the 29th October, and we were so happy to answer the phone and hear their incredible voices.

Over the last 5 months this group of fundraisers have held Trivia nights, requested support from local businesses, held ‘pub nights’ and called on their family and friends to donate. Together they have raised just over $74,000 for Kiss Goodbye to MS.

Kiss Goodbye to MS is humbled by the enormous effort of these incredible group of mates. The fundraising journey and the bike ride has been an emotional adventure for them, but they walk away with their heads held high, proud of their amazing efforts (and we imagine a little sore!).

This incredible group of men, and their crazy idea that became a reality, are our number one Kiss Goodbye to MS moment of 2016 for very obvious reasons!

You can support the Tav to the Top team here.