We’re doing a happy dance

OK it is only February, but we just have this feeling that 2018 is going to be ‘the’ year.

It’s the year everyday people will ‘definitely’ be able to visit the moon. There will be a royal baby and a wedding. JT is playing the Superbowl and this year Disney will launch it’s own streaming service with all the good movies they would never give to Netflix.

This will also the year we will raise $1.3 million for MS Research Australia.

Yep, that is a huge amount of money, but it’s easier than the space tourism goal isn’t it?! This is going to be the year we all look back on with big fat smiles on our faces, swooned by the sweetness of nostalgia. One day we will all laugh, reminiscing on when we went to Bali for holidays rather than the moon.

Wondering what’s got us sounding particularly cheesy (even for us)? Well, we’ve started 2018 in a really good mood because MS Research Australia announced they are funding more than $2 million of new research this year. This is more than we have ever funded before! It means that this year there are 20 brand new MS research projects kicking off, within a whole range of fields.

And the good news keeps coming. This year Kiss Goodbye to MS has already raised $60,000. Each year when we sit down to plan for the year, we set ourselves a huge target, and a tiny part of each of us wonders how we will get there. We have strategies, plans and schedules but at the end of the day it all comes down to you guys, our dedicated supporters. And every single year we are amazed by the incredible (and a little crazy) ideas you guys come to us with! Just yesterday we met with a group who are travelling to Mongolia to ride horses for 1000 km to raise funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS, calling it ‘Ride for a Cure’. Last week a lady named Sandra signed up to our website, raising funds for us because her friend has MS. Her way of raising funds? Oh, just climbing Mount Everest!

So I guess you could say 2018 has got us doing a happy dance. And we just can’t wait to see what you guys wow us with this year.

Xx The Kiss Goodbye to MS Team