We’ve raised one million dollars!

Just when we start to think that we couldn’t love our Kiss Goodbye to MS community any more, you go and prove us wrong. Yes, we know, we say that a lot but hear us out on this one; it’s only September and you’ve already raised ONE MILLION DOLLARS for research into MS. This is a new record for us and we are simply over the moon. To everyone who hosted a sausage sizzle: thank you. To everyone who posted a red lippy pic this May: thank you. To everyone who attended our Kiss Goodbye to MS events: thank you. We’re so grateful for each and every person who has put their support behind Kiss Goodbye to MS in 2017. Without you, we would not be sitting at such an incredible figure so early in the year.

As incredible as this is milestone is – and believe us, it’s really incredible – we still need your help! With a four months left of this year there’s heaps of time left to sign up to fundraise for Kiss Goodbye to MS. We are so close to our 2017 target of $1.25 million and now more than ever we need you to help get us over that finish line. No matter how big or small your event, you will make a difference and help change the lives of people living with MS.

Register today and help us reach our goals!