Your impact

Fundraising is fun, easy and every dollar raised really does have a huge impact. Just a small amount of money can go a long way in supporting our researchers who are working hard to discover better treatments for MS and ultimately find the cure!

Here are some ways your fundraising could make a difference…

$50 – a donation of just $50 will cover the hourly rate of a dedicated research assistant working in a lab to support senior researchers.

$100 – Raising $100 will buy 100 cryotubes to preserve a precious blood or DNA sample from people with MS. Our researchers simply couldn’t do their work without the necessary tools!

$250 – a donation of $250 covers the cost to process one person’s blood sample. This is aimed at better understanding the genes and DNA sequencing in people with MS, which is essential for developing better and new treatments.

$500 – Funds a PhD student researcher for one week. In one week a researcher can conduct one full experiment to investigate and further understand the way cells of people with MS react, and why they react differently to people who don’t have MS.

$1000 – A donation of $1000 would fund one week of a research fellow who is investigating the DNA and genetic factors of multiple sclerosis. Knowing how genes influence MS will allow us to develop new and better treatments. In one week a research fellow could collect and process more than 20 blood samples from people with MS.

No matter how much money your fundraising campaign raises, you are making a difference. Every cupcake, every sausage sizzle and every raffle will bring us a step closer to our target of $1.25 million!