Zed completed 215km for his wife Belinda!

After giving birth to their two beautiful children, Belinda’s body never quite felt the same again. It wasn’t until 2015, when she went to hospital after experiencing ‘foot drop’, a common symptom of MS where people living with MS lose the feeling in their foot, affecting their ability to walk and risk of falling. Belinda spent countless days in the hospital undertaking various tests and MRI scans, until she was eventually diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The person who never left her side is Zed Mihajlovic, Belinda’s husband. Zed’s support of Belinda goes as far as taking on The May 50K to raise funds for research into MS, so that one day Belinda doesn’t have to live with MS anymore. Zed is determined to help us keep funding the brightest MS researchers in Australia to find a cure for MS for his wife and the 25,600 people living with MS in Australia.

It was Zed’s first time fundraising for MS research and he told us how proud and honoured he felt to have been part of The May 50K.“MS can strike and affect anybody at any time. Raising funds and awareness will hopefully allow us to understand the cause of MS and what we can do to find a cure”.

But Zed didn’t just have a go at The May 50K, he absolutely smashed his challenge by walking 215km, exceeding his 200km goal and raising $14,289 for much needed MS research – our definition of a super trooper!

Accepting Belinda’s diagnosis was very difficult on everyone in the family, as it is hard to understand what Belinda is going through and they feel helpless for the majority of the time. Tiredness, heavy legs, numbness, nerve pain and headaches are the most common symptoms that Belinda experiences on a daily basis. But Belinda can count on her beautiful family! Zed, their two children and their families have been there for Belinda every step of the way, giving her all the love, strength and support she needs. Zed says it has made their family even stronger! “Our lifestyle has changed somewhat, but Belinda is still the same person I married and fell in love with”, said Zed. “We have all cried ourselves to sleep. When Belinda is feeling down, I am too, but when she is smiling and happy, I feel like the richest man in the world!”.

 “I am grateful for all those who took part in The May 50K, grateful to those that donated and grateful for those that will be able to use these funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis.”

And we are grateful to you Zed! Thank you for everything you’ve done for MS research and for being part of our The May 50K challenge, we hope to have you back on board next year – maybe with a 250km goal? 😉